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soup & salad

Miso Soup 2

Clear Soup 2

Seafood Soup for two 16

Cucumber Salad with rice vinegar 7

Lettuce Salad with ginger dressing 7

Seaweed Salad 7

Sake Kawa (salmon skin) salad 14

Extra Dressing 2

House Wasabi 3

cold appetizers

Goma-Ae boiled spinach with sesame flavored sauce 8

Edamame soybean 6

Kani-Su alaskan red king crab with cucumber, served in vinegar sauce 25

Sunomono Moriwase seafood with cucumber in vinegar sauce 18

Tako Sansai octopus & mountain veggies marinated with sesame oil, served mild or spicy 14

Hamachi Jalapeno belly part of yellowtail & thinly sliced jalapeno served with light soy 18

Pacific Oyster Shooter seattle oysters with scallion, fish egg & our secret house sauce 12

Oshinko assorted pickled veggies 10

Ahi Poke diced yellowfin tuna mixed with shallot, scallion & spicy sesame oil 16

Toro Tartar fatty tuna with fresh wasabi & black tobiko 21

Salmon Gone Wild thinly sliced belly part of fresh salmon served with salmon roe & flying fish egg, topped with chopped wasabi 20

Sashimi fresh raw fish & ocean delicacies
Tuna 26  Yellowtail 28  Fresh Salmon 24  White Tuna 26 Combination 28

hot appetizers

Yaki Tori broiled chicken & veggies on skewers 8

Gyo-Za homemade pan fried dumplings 9

Pan Fried Scallops with lemon flavored soy 18

Deep Fried Oysters with house sauce 13

Agedashi Tofu deep fried tofu served with spicy dykon & scallion in tempura sauce 8

Veggie 10 Shrimp 12 Combination 12

Tuna Masako tuna mixed with masako roe, wrapped in seaweed, lightly battered & deep fried 12

Dynamite baked scallops mixed with flying fish egg, avocado, mushroom & mayo 14

Tora Nome (Tiger Eyes) salmon wrapped in squid, baked in the oven 12

Soft Shell Crab deep fried & served with vinegar sauce 10

Grilled Black Cod with miso 14

rice & noodles

Ten-Don shrimp & veggie tempura served over rice with teriyaki sauce 12

Japanese-Style Fried Rice
Vegetable 10 Beef 10 Shrimp 14 Chicken 12
Combination 14

Nabe Yaki U-Don Noodles seafood & napa veggies in broth 15

Tempura U-Don Noodles shrimp & veggie tempura in broth 12

Yaki Soba japanese-style pan fried noodles
Vegetable 10 Beef 12 Shrimp 14 Chicken 12 Combination 14


Sukiyaki sliced beef, bean curd, mushroom, napa, yam noodles & green onion cooked in broth 18

Veggie 16 Shrimp 22 Combination 22

Lobster Tail nine ounce australian cold water lobster tail cooked with fresh ginger, green onion & jalapeno MP

Chilean Sea Bass pan seared bass cooked withshitake mushroom, green onion & jalapeno in a sweet soy sauce 26

Sashimi fresh raw fish & ocean delicacies
Tuna 28  Yellowtail 38  Fresh Salmon 28  White Tuna 28 Combination 36  or A La Carte

Teriyaki served with teriyaki sauce
Chicken 18 Beef 22 Salmon 22 Sea Bass 24

Chirashi assorted raw fish over sushi rice 26

Tekka-Don fresh sliced raw tuna over sushi rice 22

Unagi-Don broiled fresh water eel over rice with eel sauce 24

Hamachi-Don fresh sliced raw yellowtail over sushi rice 28

Sushi Combination
Eight pieces with california maki 26
Six pieces with tekka maki 23


Tekka Maki tuna 8

Kappa Maki cucumber 5

California Maki** avocado,  crab stick,  flying fish egg  & cucumber 6

Futo Maki** spinach, gourd, crab stick, cucumber,
egg & sweet fish powder 10

Crazy Maki** tuna, yellowtail, avocado, crab stick, fish egg & cucumber 14

Ebi Tempura Maki** shrimp tempura, avocado, mayo, fish egg & cucumber 8

Bagel Maki smoked salmon & cream cheese 7

Sake Kawa Maki smoked salmon skin & cucumber 8

Unagi Maki fresh water eel with cucumber 9

Fashion Maki  tuna,  shrimp,  avocado,  mayo,  fish egg  & cucumber 11

Soft Shell Crab Maki** soft shell crab, avocado, mayo, fish egg &
cucumber 10

Nama Sake Quri Maki fresh salmon with cucumber 8

Nama Sake Avocado Maki fresh salmon with avocado 8

Ebiku Maki shrimp & cucumber with mayo 7

Negi Hamachi Maki yellowtail with scallion 8

Vegetable Maki spinach, cucumber, gourd, pickle & asparagus 7

Spicy Tuna Maki tuna mixed with scallion & fresh chili sauce 8

* Handrolls available upon request.
** Four-piece roll (otherwise six pieces)

vegetarian maki-mono

Kappa Maki 5

Avo Maki 7

Asparagus Maki 7

Vegetable Maki 7

Oshinko Maki 7

Kampyo Maki 7

Sweet Potato Tempura Maki 7

Shitake Mushroom Maki 7

Ume Shiso Maki 7

Gobo Maki 9

Natto 10

Green Bean Tempura Maki 7

unique sushi & maki

Halloween Maki fresh salmon topped with wasabi & black fish egg, wrapped around rice & green bean tempura 14

Dragon Maki fresh water eel & avocado wrapped around rice, eel, scallion, fish egg & cream cheese 14

Spicy Creamy Tako Maki chopped octopus mixed with fish egg, scallion & spicy sesame mayo 12

Spicy White Tuna Crunch white tuna mixed with flying fish egg, scallion, avocado, spicy sesame oil & tempura crunch 9

Rainbow Maki tuna, yellowtail, fresh salmon & avocado wrapped around rice & crab stick 14

Volcano Maki creamy lobster mixed with wasabi & tobiko, topped with maki & spicy tempura crunch 14

Tako Sansai Maki marinated octopus & mountain veggies served spicy or mild 12

Rainbow Tobiko 3

White Fish Tempura 3

Kani Uni 10

Uni Tempura 8

a la carte

Maguro 3

White Tuna 3

Toro M.P.
fatty tuna

Hamachi 3.5

Escolar 3

Nama Sake3
fresh salmon

Sake 3
smoked salmon

Sakai Salmon 3

Ikura 3
salmon roe

Hirame 3
white fish

Unagi 3.5
fresh eel

Anago 3.5

Tako 3

Ebi 2.5

Ama Ebi 4
sweet shrimp

Tobiko 3
flying fish egg

Tamago 2.5

Hotategai 3

Spicy Scallop 3.5

Saba 3

Black Tobiko 3

Aji 3
spanish mackerel

Suzuki 3
sea bass

Ika 2.5

Lobster 4

Tai 4
red snapper

Kani 6
king crab

Uni 6
sea urchin

Katsuo 4

Hokigai 3
surf clam

Tobiko 3

Spicy Tobiko 3